Yoga Accessories in London

19 Jul

If you are looking to look trendy in the yoga studio, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of great accessories for Yoga available in London and the UK.

Yoga is becoming an ever popular practice in the West and has thousands and thousands of fans all over the world who avidly practice this ancient Indian discipline. It surely looks like Yoga is here to stay. With celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Ricky Martin all avid fans of yoga, it has soared in popularity and there are local classes for yoga available it seems everywhere. With this big demand for yoga, of course the yoga clothing market has seen a burgeoning growth. The selection of yoga clothes now available includes designs and styles that are suitable for the different styles of yoga.

Women are obviously much more interested in creating their yoga outfits, and finding the right yoga apparel. So course the yoga garments are mainly geared towards women but there are quite a few brands that now offer yoga clothes for men too. 

There are some great yoga brands that offer stylish selection of yoga pants and tops that come in relaxing colors and that come in a range of chic styles and many yoga brands have their clothes designed by yoga teachers. This ensures that the garments are perfectly suited to the discipline and are form fitting yet comfortable. Most yoga wear is designed in rich cotton and using natural dyes rather than synthetic. Most of the ranges are perfect for all types of yoga including hot yoga, Bikram, Vinyasa flow yoga and Ashtanga. Many of the clothing items can also be used for Pilates, running, cycling, dancing and even for relaxing. 

With fabrics again opt for natural fibers that are calming on the skin and not irritating. Synthetic material is a big no as this does not absorb sweat and in fact add to the discomfort. 

And it doesn’t end with clothes, when you search for your yoga gear you are bound to come across various other accessories at a yoga shop, from hair bands to cork blocks, cotton straps and yoga water bottles. Although it may be tempting to buy these, it’s important to remember that you items are not necessary. The only really essential items you need are the clothes and the yoga mat of course. The head bands though come in very handy for the hot yoga and keep the hair away from your face, so you may want to purchase that if you have the budget to spare. Invest wisely in your yoga mat and choose a mat that offers durability and is friendly to the environment as well. It does help to own your mat as it encourages you to practice yoga at home and not only at the studio. 

The important thing to remember is that regular practice is key and so don’t let it be a one off. Yoga is for lifetime and should become regular like a daily habit to boost and rejuvenate you on an everyday basis. Enjoy and persevere with yoga and make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle to boost the maximum effects of yoga.


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