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Trendy And Stylish Yoga Clothes

16 Aug

Yoga Wear for Women in UK

The yoga style look is one of the most popular right now, and it’s not just reserved for the studio. Now we have the yoga look, a dress style we have seen sported by many a yoga loving celebrity. And the look is not just reserved for the yoga class, it’s a look for chilling out, for lounging in and for travel, holidays and yoga retreats.

Over the past 5-10 years yoga has become a global phenomenon. This ancient discipline from India is now practised by thousands all over the world. Trendy and stylish women’s yoga outfits such as the workout tank tops, the yoga capri pants, the harem pants and the biker shorts are seen everywhere. They look great, described as eco chic fashion they can really work well from the casual to party scene too as some of the yoga garments can be dressed up very well. For example the tight yoga pants can be paired with a long shirt dress and snazzy belt, or pairing a pair of Capri with a pair of high heels will give it the instant glam factor.

From the boutiques to the beach, to the cafe and back to your own to your own bedroom, you will find this style incredibly versatile. Yoga clothing for women has come a long way and offers a huge number of yoga pants and tops. Many yoga brands also offer the lounge and crossover wear that is perfect to chill out in and for casual wear. To look trendy the idea is to learn to make your own personal twist to the yoga wear. Tight black yoga pants for instance are yoga essentials and can be cleverly combined with every style, colour and type of top. From flowery blouses to naught tank tops and vests, the yoga tight pants work with almost any look. And the great thing about many yoga pants is their length. Many just flit above the ankles so can be paired with flip flops for a more dress down look or with high heels, boots, pumps and even sneakers according to the look you are after. So it’s all about playing with the yoga outfits, breaking them up and then matching them up with other clothing.

Of course they must double as exercise wear, well at least some of them and again the black yoga tight pants work well as the prefect mixture for comfort and style. You can run in them, snuggle up in them, even pair them with a fitted jacket for work and dress them up for a night in the town.

Cover ups are also great for yoga and just for travelling in, on the beach and for chilling out in. Yoga covers ups are made to be light so they are perfect for travel too and on the plane paired with a three quarter leggings will look perfectly stylish. When buying yoga wear, make sure the fabric are good quality and try to opt for bamboo and cotton for ultra comfort.