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Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

13 Apr
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A healthy lifestyle help maintain both health and beauty and keep you feeling full of vitality, you will stave away illness and fight aging better to say the experts.

According the experts managing your weight is the key to attaining all of the health benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The experts say that a weight reduction of just 10 percent will help significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other related illnesses. Maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life is more beneficial than yo yo dieting and binge eating and starving.

Exercise is also key to managing good health. Regular exercise is essential for the body. It helps blood flow, regulates the cardio vascular system and keeps the motor running so to speak. Exercise and a healthy diet helps the body use insulin more efficiently and can help control and prevent many diseases. A sedentary lifestyle can be very dangerous and should your job be sedentary you need to make extra efforts at keeping up with exercise on a regular basis. Again you can do moderate exercise three times a week, rather than a huge workout once a week. Regular 30 minutes of walking are better than one work out per week at the gym. The key is always being regular going less if need be but doing it as regularly as possible. Other good exercise disciplines are Pilates and Yoga. If you find you do not have that much time for regular exercise, put in more effort in housework as being active certainly helps in the long run. Where you can opt for the stairs, walk rather than take a bus and remain active as much as possible.

Eating well is also very crucial. Nutritionists recommend plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet as well as plenty of water. Junk foods, processed foods and red meats are best avoided. Alcohol and caffeine are things to be taken in moderation and avoided when possible. A balanced diet and regular meals go a long way in maintaining good health.

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You can also include health supplements, such as organic herbal remedies to supplement the body at times of stress. A good healthy lifestyle will help you feel healthier from the inside out and you may not need as many beauty products and skin care products as your skin will naturally benefit from the advantages of healthy living. For a healthy lifestyle do choose natural skin care and organic beauty products. Avoid chemicals where you can and opt for eco friendly cleaners and household products. The harsh chemical in our environs counter affect all the good we put in our bodies. For extra dosages of antioxidants, nutritionists recommend super food supplements. These help fight free radical and prevent illness and aging. Certain vitamin supplements are also useful to meet the body’s nutritional requirements during times of stress.

Managing stress is also important. Stress is the source of many diseases and ailments and the management of stress benefits the body in more ways than one. Take up yoga or meditation to keep your mind tranquil. Many breathing techniques also help, such as Pranayama from yoga that helps keep stress at bay and allow the mind to be peaceful.