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Yoga Gifts For Her

30 May

Thinking of buying a yoga gift for her, there are plenty of great options as well. With numerous yoga brands out here it might be a tad confusing, but eco friendly options seem most popular with yoga enthusiasts.


With yoga becoming so popular, yoga gifts are not far behind either. They make for great and useful gifts especially for the ladies as there are plenty great choices for women’s yoga clothes. When planning to buy yoga gift for perhaps a special someone than it might be a good idea to select the sort of items that will be useful in more than one way. Although it may sound tricky, it really is not that hard buying yoga clothes.

Yoga Gifts For Her

The real keepers are the yoga bottoms or yoga pants. The most useful about them is that they are very versatile can be used for lounging in the house or for a walk down the high road too. In fact yoga pants have become so trendy they are almost an eco chic and bohemian type of clothing range.

The good thing with a gift like this is that every female loves a pair of super comfy pants and they always come in handy. Whether for travelling in, bumming around at home or of course for the yoga class, they seem to be a sellout. There are many different styles of pants though and you may want to consider what would be most suitable. From crop pants to capri pants and the popular harem and long straight yoga pants and drawstring trousers, most are flattering but to be safe go for the long straight yoga pants.

The important thing to remember is that for quality and be prepared to pay a little more as well as for better durability. Slightly pricier yoga wear will offer a better fit and not lose shape after a few too many washings too. The best part of buying yoga pants is they can be used for Pilates and even for a spot of jogging. In terms of the fabric choose bamboo and organic cotton for the breathability factor. Fold over yoga bottoms are great as well as they can be used for any sized woman, even if she may be expecting the fold can be adjusted to increase the size. Bamboo capri pants are also very popular as paired with high heels they look just as good when out and about. Another clothing item that is a keeper is the yoga cover ups, perfect for wearing after class and providing cover and warmth. You can get stylish bamboo hoodies that can be worn over your yoga top and bottom and complete the look quite stylishly.


Other great yoga gift ideas a yoga tanks and vests, again very versatile items and can be used for more than just a yoga class. Again it’s always better to select bamboo cotton or organic cotton which offers breathability and is soft and gentle to the touch. Bamboo is particularly great for hot yoga as it’s a naturally antibacterial fabric and wick away the moisture keeping you fresher for longer.

Women’s yoga wear has come a long way and looks set to become a lucrative clothing range in its own right.